What is Astra Sales?

Astra Sales (Assets & Sales - Tracking, Reporting & Analytics)

Reasons to choose Astra Sales

Astra Sales (Assets & Sales - Tracking, Reporting & Analytics)

Primary & Secondary Orders Actual Invoiced Sales Item Returns more info


Salesmen wise Reports Distributors wise Reports, Stockist wise Reportsv Area wise reports on Map (Unique
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Track Field Employees Hirarchy based location data on mobile (Unique)Real time locations, View historical locations
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Track all type of device,And device health status.
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Graphical display of organization tree Designed for sales-team and not just salesman RSM, ASM can view team at a glance
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Calculates working days in a month & monthly allowances Calculates travel allowances, Expanse sheet preparation Salary adjustments when needed
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Create anything from social media posts business.
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Add/Search Stockists/Distributors Reports by Distributors Reports by Stockists
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Offline Mode

Primary & Secondary Orders Actual Invoiced Sales Item Returns
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Battery Efficient Operation

Salesmen wise Reports Distributors wise Reports, Stockist wise Reportsv Area wise reports on Map (Unique
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Check live status of employee Travel.
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Works on laptop, pad or mobile Supports all internet browsers
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Astra Sales (Assets & Sales - Tracking, Reporting & Analytics)


Astra Sales (Assets & Sales - Tracking, Reporting & Analytics)

Cloud Hosted SAAS Solution

Cloud based product to save you from installations and server management. Leave everything to us, we will manage every thing for you. And this complete solution will be available online to you anytime, anywhere.


Astra Sales (Assets & Sales - Tracking, Reporting & Analytics)


  • Attendance Reports
    • Monthly Summary all employee Report
    • Monthly Individual employee Report
    • Daily Detailed Report
  • Expense Reports
    • Monthly Expenses Report in Summary View
    • Monthly Expenses detailed Report per employees
    • Daily Expenses Reports
  • Sales Reports
    • Real time TC PC report per employee
    • Compare between calculated and submitted TC/PC/Amount
    • Full Day activity report per employee


Astra Sales (Assets & Sales - Tracking, Reporting & Analytics)


  • Sales Team Performance
    • Top/Bottom Employees By TC/PC Ratio
    • Top/Bottom Employees By PC Amount
    • Employees By Expanses verses Business
  • Market Performance
    • States contributing in business growth
    • Distributors with highest orders
    • 10 Retailers with highest orders
  • Product Performance
    • Top/Bottom 10 Products by Sold Qty
    • Products by number of orders
    • Products by order amount


Astra Sales (Assets & Sales - Tracking, Reporting & Analytics)

Need for Such Solution

  • Inefficient field operations
  • Some of the field staff are taking advantage working remotely
  • Field staff reporting wrong data about their visits
  • Exaggerated travel bills
  • Exaggerated secondary sales figures by Sales staff which are resulting in higher gaps in primary orders & invoicing
  • Sometimes works for other companies in parallel
  • Sales channels are employee driven which are a risk for company to lose business if employee leaves
  • Manual tracking adds costs either by office staff or by increasing senior positions
  • Inefficient marketing & sales minimizes the profitability
  • Making reports on manually maintained systems (either in registers or excel) doesn’t give a good overview of historical trends
  • Adds discipline & professionalism in day to day activities

How it works?

  • Getting on board with Astra Sales is super easy
  • We give you user-ids for each of your employee (No need to give us any data so just relax and see your company’s data build automatically)
  • Your field staff installs Astra Sales in their mobile devices
  • Field staff logins into astra-sales app by entering any one user-id given in step 2
  • You can see your staff ‘s real-time locations sitting in your office
  • More your staff uses the astra-sales, better and meaningful reports are presented to you

Product Features

  • Easy & device id based employee's full day location tracking of field staff
  • Employee Daily Attendance reports including leaves & out-stationed night stays
  • Reporting of daily route/station coverage
  • Reporting of distance travelled by your employee each day (helps in better TA settlement)
  • Reporting of real-time sales activities of the day
  • Geo-fencing based strict location tracking enforcement if needed
  • Daily Status Report even customizable for each company’s own format
  • Daily Expanse Report submission by employees
  • Mobile device status on regular intervals (GPS,Battery & Internet status)
  • Alerts & Notifications to all or one employee in real-time
  • All real-time reports available on mobile for senior roles
  • Offline support wherever internet not available
  • Configurable settings for different needs


  • An efficient & disciplined sales team
  • Productivity gain across sales activities
  • Cost saving by increased productivity & reduced expenses
  • Real-time status of market coverage
  • Reduced gap between secondary sales & invoicing helps in accurate stock planning
  • Helps in performance evaluation of salesmen
  • Historical data gives you better track ability of past business happenings and therefore better forecast
  • Digital data helps your organization towards a paperless day to day operational activities liking DSR
  • Graphical reports will give you good and quick overview of useful data

Technical Features

  • Cloud backed solution
  • Available any time, anywhere
  • Responsive & Mobile friendly platform
  • Battery efficient operation

Why choose us

  • A product built by mixed team of technical experts & experienced businessmen
  • Quick support for technical issues
  • Customer service is our core value
  • A cost effective service
  • Graph based work-flow engine

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